School-Based Clinics

Missouri Right to Life Policy Regarding School-Based Clinics


Missouri Right to Life is deeply concerned about unwed adolescent sexual activity, unmarried adolescent pregnancies, referrals for abortions by nurses in school settings or by other school personnel, and abortions upon school-aged women. MRL opposes school-based clinics’ providing birth control services to unmarried adolescents and making referrals for abortions.


Regardless of claims to the contrary, statistics have proven that school-based clinics that provide birth-control services foster and promote increased adolescent sexual activity, giving rise to a higher rate of pregnancies among unmarried teens which so often end in abortions.

In a society where public policy and law accept abortion as a method of birth control, and where birth control is freely available to minors without parental consent, placing such clinics within the school directs our public education system to legitimize and promote unwed adolescent sexual activity, birth control, and abortions and undermines parents’ rights, roles, and responsibilities as primary educators of their children.

Missouri Right to Life, however, has no opposition to other health services that have as their goal the genuine improvement and maintenance of health for any and all classes of society.

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