Pro-Life Observations on the 37th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

These thoughts are meant to help people avoid the physical, emotional and spiritual pain associated with abortion. They are not meant to judge anyone who has ever been involved in an abortion. These thoughts might also explain why hundreds of St. Louisans are willing to spend the better part of three days on cramped busses bound for Washington D.C.. They’ll join hundreds of thousands of Pro-Life Americans at the annual March for Life commemorating this sad anniversary.

In 1972 America was told that if abortion became legal, it would be rare. Since Roe vs. Wade on January 22, 1973, America has seen nearly 50,000,000 abortions. That’s almost one sixth of our entire population. That’s anything but rare.

Many Americans think that abortion is only legal in the first trimester. That’s wrong. Also on January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in Doe vs. Bolton, that abortion was legal for all 9 months of pregnancy. Here is where 37 years of that thinking has brought us: This past December 11th, a woman in Campbell County Virginia purposefully suffocated her healthy, full-term, newborn child. She was not charged with a crime because the umbilical cord was still attached at the time of the suffocation. By law, it was just another abortion. Abraham Lincoln said, “The law cannot give mankind the right to do what is morally wrong.”

A few years ago, the Post-Dispatch ran an article on the pros and cons of abortion. On the pro-abortion side, a woman said that she chose abortion over adoption because she couldn’t stand the thought of someone else raising her child. And that is considered a good example of why we need abortion? How tragically misguided.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, called certain immigrants, blacks and people with disabilities, “a dead weight of human waste.” Sanger’s vision was an America with fewer, immigrants, blacks and people with disabilities Blacks account for 13% of America’s population and 38% of America’s abortions. Most abortion clinics are in black neighborhoods. Coincidence?

I just taught a class of teenagers about what actually happens in six different types of abortions. In one of those, a saline abortion, they take the amniotic fluid out of the womb and replace it with a strong salt solution. The baby then breathes in this solution, burning her lungs with each breath until, hours later, she goes into violent convulsions and dies. The mother then delivers a dead baby. A Room Mother came up to me afterwards and said, “When I came in here this morning, I considered myself pro-choice. I’m 45 years old and when I heard what happens in an abortion, I was shocked. I’m not okay with that. I now consider myself pro-life.”

Last November Abby Johnson, the Director of the Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas went in to watch a suction abortion. She had never actually seen an abortion performed. While watching the ultrasound of the tube going into the womb, Abby said, “I could see the baby…trying to get away from the probe.” They turned the vacuum on and she said, “I saw the baby crumple during the procedure. When I saw that, that was really when my heart was changed.” She quit and walked across the street to join a Pro-Life group praying for those inside Planned Parenthood.

Partial-birth abortion was banned in the United States because it is barbaric to put a scissors in the base of a live, partially delivered baby’s neck to create a hole for a tube that sucks out the child’s brains. But, is forcing a child to swallow salt water in a saline abortion any less barbaric?

I was describing a ghastly procedure called a D&E abortion, to a big city newspaper editor who yelled, “Stop! I don’t want to hear this!” And that’s the problem. America doesn’t want to hear what happens in an abortion. If they did hear, they would probably be like the Planned Parenthood Director or the Room Mother and say, “I’m not okay with that.”

In advertising videos, The Northland Family Planning Centers of Michigan say, “Abortion is sacred work.” According to Webster’s Dictionary, sacred means: worship of a deity…relating to a religion.

After 37 years of abortion on demand, many have come to regard abortion as a religion. And even a god. It is neither. There is one constant after 37 years: Abortion is still the violent taking of an innocent human life. Some things never change,,,,,,Or will they?

Steve Rupp
Missouri Right to Life

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