Pro-Life Protections Must Be Added to “Economic Development” Legislation

A Missouri Right to Lifememo from Missouri Right to Life:



This week, the Missouri Senate and the Missouri House have succumbed to lobbying from organizations that support human cloning and embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) in numerous economic development pieces of legislation.

The Senate and the House are advancing legislation, SB 572 sponsored by Sen. Tom Dempsey (R-23), and HB 1029, sponsored by Rep. Shane Schoeller (R-139). This legislation creates the Science and Reinvestment Act establishing a board and fund to disburse state money to new research companies without providing limitations on the kind of research that can be done with these public funds. The list of companies eligible for this funding includes drug and pharmaceutical companies and other research organizations. These companies are given no limitations in SB 572 or HB 1029 from engaging in the destruction of human beings at their earliest stages of development through human cloning or embryonic stem cell research. Embryos created through in-vitro fertilization and those created through human cloning could be killed in order to produce a product for resale. It would be very difficult if not impossible to monitor the use of these funds and the numbers of lives lost. Among the supporters of this legislation is Donn Rubin who was a key leader and supporter of Amendment 2.

Missouri Right to Life has stood alone in its opposition to this legislation. To date, there has been no movement to place pro-life protective language on any economic development bill. It was suggested in one of the hearings that the appropriation process would be the safeguard that would prohibit the destruction of human beings at the earliest stages of life. However, appropriations are dependent on the legislators and leadership in control of appropriations. With term limits, elections and individual beliefs on human cloning, ESCR and abortion, there are no guarantees to prevent future funding of unethical research. Pro-life protections need to be attached to legislation establishing a board that will be responsible for distribution of state funds.

Action Needed:

Please call your state representative and your state senator and urge them to oppose SB 572 & HB 1029 and any economic development legislation until pro-life protections are added.

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