Pro-lifers Stand United in Fight for Innocent Lives

Missouri Right to Life

Press Release

For Immediate Release:
November 13, 2019


The following statement can be attributed to Susan Klein, Executive Director:

While some organizations spend their time writing hit pieces with lies and false innuendos to try to create contention and controversy amongst pro-lifers, Missouri Right to Life, National Right to Life and other pro-life organizations will stay focused on the battle to protect women and save babies. It is a shame that “Church Militant” published false information when Missouri Right to Life is working to protect women and save babies.

Following are a few real battles we are fighting:

First, is the atrocity of the St. Louis Planned Parenthood continuing to break Missouri laws and operate without a license. The Missouri Department of Health has uncovered their substandard medical care which has resulted in multiple emergency ambulance calls where women were rushed to a hospital. Pray for our Attorney General and his staff of lawyers as they work to present the truths to the courts.

Second, the opponents of HB 126 are delaying enforcement of this critical bill that will ban abortion when there is a heartbeat or when the baby can feel excruciating pain during an abortion. They have also challenged a ban on abortion of babies based on race, sex or a Down Syndrome diagnosis. The Court is clearly biased for the pro-abortion agenda and denies all medical fact. Pray for our Attorney General and his staff of lawyers as they work to present the truths about babies’ heartbeats, pain capability and the value of life of these special needs babies.

Today, in Washington the pro-abortion Democrats continue their attack of President Trump and our pro-life laws.

First, the sham investigation of President Trump comes to the full floor of the House under pro-abortion Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Make no mistake, this attack on President Trump is based solely on trying to undermine his campaign for the 2020 election. President Trump has worked on many levels to put in place pro-life protections for women and babies. He has defunded Planned Parenthood from receiving our federal tax dollars. In addition, he has appointed many pro-life judges on the federal courts and two U.S. Supreme Court Justices who will adhere to the original intent of the U.S. Constitution. Pray for President Trump, his family and his Attorneys as they fight to stand for America against pro-abortion leadership of the U.S. Congress.

Second, under the leadership of pro-abortion Pelosi, the U.S. Congress will pass out of committee today H.J. Res. 79, a measure that purports to erase the seven year ratification deadline that Congress included in the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) resolution submitted in 1972. NARAL Pro-Choice America and National Right to Life both say that the ERA will likely be employed to invalidate laws that are protecting unborn children. Pray for our pro-life Congressmen and women as they stand against the pro-abortion leadership of the U.S. Congress.

Missouri Right to Life will continue our work with pro-life leaders as we stay focused on the battles at hand. This is a historic time in Missouri. Abortion numbers are dropping and one lone abortion clinic is teetering. We are doing a good work together and we will not be distracted by deceptive reporting.

Link: National Right to Life Says Effort to Revive 1972 E.R.A. Driven by Pro-abortion Agenda, but is Unconstitutional

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