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Dear Pro-Lifers

Pro-Life Response Needed Soon to Obama Axing Abortion Conscience Protections Washington, DC (

President Barack Obama has proposed overturning the conscience protections the Bush administration put in place and pro-life advocates have until Thursday to respond. Prominent pro-life groups are urging every pro-life advocate to issue a public comment by this week’s deadline.

Three different federal laws provide legal protections for medical professionals. After determining those laws were not always followed by local governments and some medical centers, the Bush administration sought to strengthen them. The Bush administration put the rules in place to require a written agreement to follow the conscience laws and gave victims better access to federal employment discrimination agencies to consider legal action if their rights were violated. Relying on claims from leading pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, Obama instructed his administration to overturn the new rules.

Pro-life advocates can express their opposition to the Obama proposal by emailing The deadline for submitting comments is April 9. Comments may be submitted electronically on the Web site (by entering 0991-AB49 in the search box). Several pro-life groups have also banded together to offer, a web site with tools to make it easy for pro-life people to respond to Obama’s likely decision to rescind the medical protections. / Full story at

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