Rebutting the “Private Funds” Myth

National Right to LifeNational Right to Life has a memorandum explaining the use of federal funds (public funds) to pay directly for elective abortions under HR 3200. Here is the “Executive Summary”:

The biggest abortion-related concerns with H.R. 3200 pertain to (1) a proposed insurance program that would be run entirely by the federal government (the “public option”); and (2) a proposed new premium-subsidy program (“affordability credits”) to help tens of millions of people buy health insurance. Some supporters of the bill have claimed that any elective abortions subsidized by these two programs would occur with “private” funds, but those claims collapse under scrutiny. All of the types of funds that would be expended by both proposed federal programs would be federal government funds and public funds. Many of those who are mischaracterizing these funds as “private funds” are attempting to distort an important public policy debate by employing inaccurate terminology in a manner that would not be accepted by the news media if the question involved federal agencies and programs unrelated to abortion.

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