Senator John Schneider, Rest in Peace

It is with respect and appreciation that Missouri Right to Life remembers Senator John Schneider who passed away last weekend.

Over the 32 years that he served in the Missouri Senate, whenever pro-life legislation was being considered, Senator Schneider could be found right in the middle of it advocating for the lives of unborn children.

In the later years, when passing pro-life legislation became more difficult, John Schneider was able, due to his statesmanship, his relationships in both parties and his expertise in moving legislation through the process, to make it happen. The passage of the Infant protection act, the Missouri ban on partial- birth abortion and the override of Democrat governor Mel Carnahan would not have happened without Senator Schneider.

Not only would the law stop partial-birth abortion in Missouri, language similar to that in the Missouri bill was used in the second version of the federal bill which was passed and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. The federal ban on partial-birth abortion stopped the practice across the country.

Rest In Peace, Senator Schneider.

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