Make no mistake, we are winning the war to protect innocent human life. The Illinois Mega abortion clinic, recently reported in the news (see links below), is simply a reaction to our numerous victories.

But many lives will be lost there. We are resolved to continue our pro-life work to protect vulnerable Missouri women from the abortion industry that celebrates the killing of innocent babies.

We are grateful for Attorney General Schmitt for his appeal of the recent discriminatory ruling by Judge Sachs that removes protections for young Missouri citizens diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Please pray for Attorney General Schmitt and his legal team as he prepares to defend Missouri’s law protecting disabled children from annihilation through abortion. Please pray also for all pro-life efforts as we continue to protect the most vulnerable among us, the unborn, the disabled and the elderly.


In the news: Planned Parenthood Secretly Builds New Illinois Abortion Mill Across the River from Troubled St. Louis Facility

Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 – Missouri may well become the first state without an active abortion business in just a matter of weeks. Other states should consider the successful Missouri model and work similar plans to become abortion-free states.

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