Pro-Life Bill Moves to Governor

On the last day of session, the House voted to send legislation to the Governor that Missouri Right to Life worked on for several years. SB 793 ensures that 24 hours before having an abortion, a mother will be offered the opportunity to view an ultrasound and hear her child’s heartbeat. She will also be given information on the development of her child, the alternatives to abortion services, the risks involved in an abortion, and information about the financial responsibility of the father under Missouri law.

In addition, SB 793 allows Missouri to opt out of abortion coverage in federal health insurance exchanges that operate in Missouri.

Sen. Rob Mayer, Rep. Bryan Pratt and Rep. Cynthia Davis sponsored this legislation in the Senate and the House respectively. SB 793 passed with bi-partisan support from 26 Senate members and 114 House members.

Other Pro-Life Legislation

In spite of the budgeting concerns, the legislature maintained ninety percent of the funding for alternatives to abortion services. However, the Governor can reconsider this in his efforts to balance the budget.

Protective Language Added to Economic Development Legislation

Missouri Right to Life was successful in adding pro-life protective language in the Department of Economic Development appropriations bill giving clear direction to the Missouri Technology Corporation which selects the companies that will receive state money for life science research projects. This protective language prohibits any company that would seek to do life-destroying research from receiving state money.

Thank-You to Legislators

On behalf of all pro-life citizens in Missouri, thank you to all legislators who supported life-saving legislation with their voices and their votes. With the close of this session, we will see 52 House members and 10 Senate members leaving the General Assembly because of term limits. We are losing some very good friends. We pray that any pro-life votes that are lost will be replaced by others who also believe that innocent human life must be protected in the laws of our state.

PAC Endorsements

The MRL Political Action Committee will meet in June to consider candidate endorsements for the August primary election and the November general election. We ask you to prayerfully consider the endorsements of MRL PAC to ensure that your Representative and Senator will be people who will stand to protect innocent human beings.

Call Governor Nixon

Please call Governor Nixon and ask him to maintain the funding for the alternatives to abortion program and to sign SB 793. The Governor’s number is 573-751-3222.

Thank You Missouri Pro-Lifers

Missouri Right to Life is an totally grassroots organization. Passage of pro-life legislation would not be possible without the support of pro-life Missourians across the State. Whether it’s $25, $50, or more, your donations make all our life-saving work possible – Thank You!

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