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Urgent Action Alert on Senate Concurrent Resolution 10

The City of St. Louis is considering changes to its anti-discrimination ordinance to add pregnancy and “reproductive health decisions” as protected classes.

If this passes, employers, regardless of the personal views or religious beliefs, would be prohibited from discriminating against persons, partnerships, associations, corporations, etc., who obtain abortion, birth control or artificial reproduction. There are no exemptions for churches, religious organizations or for any person with a conscientious objection.

State Senator Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) is trying to stop this blatant discrimination against people of faith by sending a message to the City of St. Louis with the filing of Senate Concurrent Resolution 10 (SCR 10).

SCR 10 urges the St. Louis Board of Aldermen to abandon or defeat the effort to make St Louis City an abortion sanctuary with the passage of proposed ordinance 203.

Missouri Right to Life encourages all pro-lifers to contact their state senator and urge the passage of SCR 10 and SB 41 (Sen. Wayne Wallingford). The effort to make pregnancy, abortion and “reproductive health decisions” protected classes must be stopped.

We must not allow this movement to take hold and spread to other Missouri cities. Click here to identify and contact your senator.

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