History of the FRA –
Medicaid Funding for
Planned Parenthood in the MoHealthNet Program

Planned Parenthood Continues to
Receive Our Public Tax Dollars
Through the Medicaid Program

June 2020 through July 2021 and counting……

Read the following timeline and then please call your Representative and Senator and ask them the following questions:
Question 1:  Is Planned Parenthood still receiving our federal tax dollars via reimbursements from the State through Medicaid?  NOTE:  They know the answer to this is “yes” because it was stated as a fact on the Senate and House floor.
Question 2:  Ask your Representative and Senator what they did to stop the funding of Planned Parenthood in the FRA.
2A.  A good vote in regular session does not count.  That bill died at the end of the regular session.
2B.  A stand-alone bill in special session in the House did not help.  Per the Senate actions there is no indication that the Senate had any intention of taking it up.  As a matter of fact, the actions of the Senate showed every indication that they would NOT take up a pro-life fix for the FRA.  The House should have held the vote on Senate Sub #3 to SB 1 until after the Senate took up the stand-alone bill (HB 2).

Many legislators are claiming that medical funding to help thousands was too important to risk.
Ask your Representative and Senator the following:

Question 3:  So, are you OK with funding the killing of innocent babies as long as other people get healthcare?
There was no need to choose one over the other…..House and Senate could have included defunding language of Planned Parenthood AND passed the Federal Reimbursement Allowance (FRA) in one bill.
The urgency to pass the FRA also included public funding going to Planned Parenthood.  The legislature did not separate or restrict those who would be receiving our public tax dollars, just that it was “urgent to fund all provider services that the FRA reimburses for”.   One of those recipients of the FRA funding is the nation’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

Please Read the Following Timelines on the 2021 Regular Session and the 2021 1st Extraordinary Session (Special Session) of the Missouri Legislature

The First Extraordinary Session
of the 101st Missouri General Assembly
Ended With the State of Missouri
Continuing to Fund Planned Parenthood

The following statement is from Steve Rupp, President of Missouri Right to Life:
Today the First Extraordinary Session of the 101st Missouri General Assembly ended with the State of Missouri continuing to fund the nation’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.
After the Missouri Senate passed the Federal Reimbursement Allowance (FRA) for the Medicaid Program with no pro-life protections last week, the Missouri House did the same today.   While the House introduced and passed a stand-alone bill that would have protected Missouri taxpayers from funding the destruction of innocent human life, the Missouri Senate refused to consider the stand-alone bill and adjourned the extraordinary session with only the passage of SB 1, the FRA with no pro-life protections.
Missouri Right to Life and other pro-life groups stood together in our opposition to funding abortion providers through the FRA. Planned Parenthood heavily lobbied the legislature for no pro-life protections and the continued funding and subsidization of their abortion business.
Missouri Right to Life is very grateful and proud of the 5 State Senators and 13 Missouri House members who, in the face of extreme pressure and criticism, voted against the FRA because there were no pro-life protections. They are:


Rick Brattin, Dist 31
Eric Burlison, Dist 20
Andrew Koenig, Dist 15
Mike Moon, Dist 29
Bob Onder, Dist 2

House Members:

Hardy Billington, Dist 152
Mary Elizabeth Coleman, Dist 97
Bishop Davidson, Dist 130
Michael Davis, Dist 56
Bruce DeGroot, Dist 101
David Gregory, Dist 96
Tony Lovasco, Dist 64

Mike McGirl, Dist 118
Shane Roden, Dist 111
Chris Sander, Dist 33
Curtis Trent, Dist 133
Sara Walsh, Dist 50
Richard West, Dist 63

Senate Passes Medicaid Reimbursement Bill
with No Pro-Life Protections,
House Needs to Add Pro-Life Language

Early Saturday morning, June 26th, the Missouri Senate passed the Federal Reimbursement Allowance (FRA) legislation with no pro-life language preventing abortion providers from receiving our public tax dollars.
It is important to note that this vote came after the public testimony of the nation’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, who testified that they receive funding from the Medicaid program. With the serious risk that the Hyde Amendment will be going away in this Medicaid program, with the MO Supreme Court ruling that the legislators can no longer put pro-life protections in the budget and with the looming Medicaid Expansion court battle, it is imperative to have strong pro-life language to prevent our public tax dollars from paying for abortions.
Planned Parenthood testified very clearly in the hearing and it was reaffirmed on the Senate floor that they receive their funding from Medicaid in the larger overall program.  After the MO Supreme Court decision that restricts pro-life protections from going in the budget bills, Planned Parenthood received several million dollars in back payments from the MO Department of Health and Senior Services.
Missouri Right to Life opposes SB 1 as it was passed in the Senate and we call upon the Missouri House to add simple and effective pro-life language to statute 208.152 that reads: “provided, no funds shall be expended to any abortion facility, as defined in section 188.015 or any affiliate or associate thereof”.
The legislature does not have to choose between getting Medicaid dollars and preventing our tax dollars from going to abortion providers, they can do both.  How much money Planned Parenthood receives from Medicaid is immaterial.  What is the price of one human life? Pro-life Missourians are appalled that even one abortion would be paid for with our tax dollars.

Senate Republicans Vote to Move FRA
Forward without Stopping Public Dollars
from going to Abortion Providers

Missouri Right to Life is very disappointed in the following Republican Senators who voted with the 10 pro-abortion Democrats and Planned Parenthood to defeat the pro-life amendment, offered by Senator Onder, to stop Planned Parenthood from receiving our tax dollars.

The following Republicans voted to continue funding of planned parenthood with our tax dollars:

  • Mike Bernskoetter, SD 6
  • Justin Brown, SD 16
  • Mike Cierpiot, SD 8
  • Karla Eslinger, SD 33
  • Elaine Gannon, SD 3
  • Dan Hegeman, SD 12
  • Lincoln Hough, SD 30
  • Jeanie Riddle, SD 10
  • Caleb Rowden, SD 19
  • Dave Schatz, SD 26
  • Bill White, SD 32
Missouri Right to Life commends the 12 Senators that stood and fought to keep Planned Parenthood from receiving our tax dollars for their abortion business:
  • Jason Bean, SD 25
  • Rick Brattin, SD 31
  • Eric Burlison, SD 20
  • Sandy Crawford, SD 28
  • Bill Eigel, SD 23
  • Andrew Koenig, SD 15
  • Tony Luetkemeyer, SD 34
  • Mike Moon, SD 29
  • Cindy O’Laughlin, SD 18
  • Bob Onder, SD 2
  • Holly Rehder, SD 27
  • Paul Wieland, SD 22

Missouri Right to Life Opposes SB1, SB 2 & SB 3
In Missouri Special Session.
See Action Alert to Call Your Legislators and Statewide Officials

Please read the following testimony given in special session to prevent our tax dollars from going to abortion providers or paying for abortifacient drugs.

Pro-Life Language Needed on the Federal Reimbursement
Allowance (FRA) During Special Session

In Missouri for many years we have prohibited the use of Missouri tax dollars from paying for abortions and destructive embryonic stem cell research with language in several budget bills. Last year, the Missouri Supreme Court held that doing that in the budget was unconstitutional. We must pass this language in a piece of legislation.

Ashcroft: Senate should end
debate to pass Medicaid funding tax

Missouri Right to Life (MRL) supports the statements to protect innocent human lives made by Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft.

Senators Paul Wieland and Bob Onder are fighting for simple amendments to ensure Missourians do not have to pay for abortion drugs or send our tax dollars to abortion providers.  These amendments are narrowly  focused.  The Wieland amendment includes a limited number of drugs.  And the Onder amendment is to ensure Missourians tax dollars do not go to abortion providers for abortion.

These amendments are needed in response to the anti-life ruling of the Missouri Supreme Court last year that said we can’t do this in a budget bill anymore.  With super-majorities in the House and Senate, this should not be difficult.  Missouri Right to Life and pro-life Missourians asks the House and Senate to save these unborn babies, protect women and pass these amendments on the Federal Reimbursement Allowance (FRA) legislation when special session is called.

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